After 3 seconds of loading, visitors start quickly hitting the back button.

Choosing a Hosting Company

Do not pick a hosting company until you read this

Quick Answer

Here is a list of hosting companies I recommend

Siteground – Great performance, reasonable price. They are based in Ukraine and can seem a little snippy, but they all know what they are talking about and fix your issues quickly.

Wp-engine – Very pricey, great customer service, good performance. A good alternative to siteground.

In-motion – Decent speed and customer service. Not a standout as far as performance but a great choice for anyone thinking about going with Godaddy

Why you should listen to me

Often I am asked for hosting company recommendations. A quick search will often provide a biased suggestion to a company that will make your website experience difficult and will limit what you are able to do with your site.

I have spent days researching hosting companies trying to make the right decision for myself. I have also worked with all of the major companies for years including Bluehost, Wp-engine, Hostmonster, Hostgator, Godaddy, Siteground, etc. I am going to offer my advice based on the most important qualities you want in and my experience

The importance of choosing the right Hosting Company

Speed is critical now. The faster your pages load, the more likely Google will move your site higher in google search placement. The attention span of visitors is meager. After 3 seconds of loading, visitors start quickly hitting the back button.

Customer service can also make a huge difference. This does not really have to do with how nice they are. A company with good customer service will quickly fix an issue that might take down your site vs. a company that will charge you to have someone fix it.  A company with bad customer service might have a tech that will tell you to do the wrong thing, or they will go ahead and do the wrong themselves. Godaddy is definitely in this category.


One of the main reasons there is such bad hosting customer service is a company EIG, that has bought up a lot of the independent hosting providers, including some of the well-known ones such as Bluehost. They keep using the company’s original name but run it like a greedy corporation and push profit over service.

My Hosting Company

I use a company very similar to Siteground that is located in the U.S. I am a little reluctant to recommend their hosting because it is more geared for developers. If you are very techie, you should consider A2. They are comparable to Siteground.

Why is this important to you?

You will probably have many calls with your hosting company. They can save you a lot of time and help fix something that has you scared to death. You can call them with almost any question. Sometimes they will tell you – you have to pay for a developer to get help but will often just do it for you.

You can make a cooler site if you do not have to worry about how it will perform. The faster a hosting company serves your Website, the more images. videos, and motion you can add to your site without losing visitors.

Google is more likely to show a website that loads fast rather than a better site that loads really slow. You are only going to get traffic from a high placement in a search result.


Most of the hosting companies have good techs and bad techs. If you talk to a tech and do not know the answer or provide you with a solution, you know it is wrong. Hang up and call again and get a new one.

My go-to for recommendations


Perfomance, customer service at a good price is why Siteground is my go-to for recommendations The customer service is unique. Anyone you talk to knows exactly what they are doing. They will often fix issues for you rather than try to explain how to do it yourself. They can come across as a little impatient, most are very pleasant.

You do this, it’s okay says the Siteground tech support person. I ask more questions, and the voice gets louder and faster to imply my time is up. Often it ends quickly with “I do it for you.”