Divi Web Designer

Divi is the number one selling WordPress theme and a great choice to build and run your online business. As divi web designers, We only work with Divi. Divi experts, you might say. As Divi experts, we know how to make the theme hum. A divi expert knows how to set up the theme, so it is easy for site owners to manage their site and edit or add content. Divi is an excellent solution for building unique SEO-optimized websites for small and medium-sized businesses.

What is the Divi Theme?

Divi is a WordPress theme, which basically means it is the system you will use to add, edit and delete text, images, and videos on your site. Divi is one of the best themes for business owners because it is easy to learn the basics, and it’s a great tool for the site’s developer to build beautiful sites. Integrating SEO strategy into a divi website makes it easy for business owner’s to effectively market their sites by creating content their audience is looking for.

Intuitive Editing with Visual Builder

Divi site owners can easily create posts, edit text, and change images and videos. Editing happens right on the page or posts.

Divi’s intuitive process for adding and editing web pages is easy enough that you will not need to pay and wait for someone to edit your site.

Is Divi the Best WordPress Theme?

Maybe? It’s up there. It is a terrific choice if you want to make beautiful sites in a pretty natural feeling way. It provides all the building blocks you would need to build a custom WordPress website. The theme has a ton of plugins developed just for it, and It plays nice with most of the other major plugins we tested.

Divi is always getting more awesome. A site built with Divi now means you will have the latest best tools to make the next iteration in a couple of years.

Divi WordPress Basic Tutorials

Oops, I forgot how to use my site. Divi is pretty easy to use, but some things require multiple steps that are hard to remember. Especially after gaps between working on your site. We have helped many business owners learn Divi to manage their content. Without repeating these steps daily, they are not entered into muscle memory.

We provide all of our clients with personal video tutorials on basic edits and site management. So you can edit text, change images/videos, create blogs, and do more ambitious work if you are interested.

WordPress SEO and Web Design

Someone is searching for answers about your product. You might want to answer their questions while gently nudging them towards your solution. By providing answers to the highly searched questions relevant to your business, you will drive traffic to the site, and Google, you are legit.

We weave valuable SEO research and competitive analysis into the design for a more natural integration. Using an SEO strategy to help plan content will get traffic but will also look and feel more natural. This is different than finding a handful of keywords to rank for, which is the typical approach to SEO once a site is built. How your site is set up is an integral part of a holistic SEO strategy.

Thinking about building a new website or redesigning your old Divi Site?

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