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One day I was talking to a developer that worked in a trendy Baltimore agency and he told me they use the Divi theme for most of the sites they build. At the time I had been considering picking a theme to focus on.  Before making a big decision I go through a ridiculous amount of research.  I am talking about days worth of reading biased and unbiased reviews to get an educated decision.  


You can pay to use Divi every year or pay more for a lifetime subscription.  This means you get all the updates that are essential to keep your site safe and running for a long time. For the first couple of years, we paid annually for Divi.  After that, we were convinced it was worth building a business around.  With Divi, we can make a site look similar or as Professional as most sites online.  Divi offers a ton of premade layouts that you can adapt for your purpose but we prefer to use its building tools to create a custom design solution that fits your business and vision best.


WordPress Page builders are falsely marketed.


I have worked with many business owners who thought if they bought Divi they would be able to build their site themselves. I have seen a few successful at finishing the site, but their sites still needed a Professional touch. Most of the Divi owners I work with leave with the understanding that Divi is a good theme for them to add or edit content and to manage themselves.  It is not really a tool for novices to learn and make their own website. 


Yes if you think you can and you are committed you can learn how to use Divi effectively.  See more (Can I make a website myself).  But if your thinking in terms of time is the money it will take you more time to learn to use Divi as it would be to pay someone to do it and if you are not using it every day you will forget it anyway.  Adding pictures and text is not hard to do but it does not take long before you realize that what appeared as pretty good to you does not cut it.  The hard stuff, the stuff that takes a site from pretty good in your eyes to a level of Professionalism that would entice a visitor to call you over the other options takes years of experience and knowledge in more than one area.


Getting someone to add content to or do other easy tasks is unnecessarily expensive. A great way to save money and have more control is to have someone train you on the basics.  For our clients, we provide one-on-one training and also a custom video showing you how to do easy tasks on your website. We also provide general videos for other DIY tasks.


Divi is fun to work with and the large Divi community provides lots of shortcuts and tips. I can usually find a way to do what I need quickly by typing in Divi and then my question in the search box. They have a large team of developers and a founder who is aggressively trying to make the theme the best available. It’s exciting to see a message in your inbox explaining the newest feature.


There are some really cool themes out there.  A developer or a couple of developers can make a theme that has way cooler features than a typical Divi site. They spend there developing time coding one or a couple of stunning features. There are a couple of problems with using this approach. You cannot rely on a small organization to stay in business.  If they are not constantly working on updates then that great site will become useless.  WordPress itself is constantly changing.  A developer can’t make a theme and walk away.  It is a big commitment.


Another problem is flashy features can be gimmicky and annoying.  A site visitor and a site owner often are not on the same page.  A visitor is there to quickly get the information they want.  They will not trust it if it does not look nice and they will not stay if the information they are looking for is not easily found and complete.  They are not going to slow down to see the detail in your logo.  That super cool animation thingy will impress them for a second but might annoy them the second time.