SEO is the process of doing things to improve your website placement in a search result

Making Sense of SEO

SEO is the process of improving your website placement in a search result and the number of search phrases you show up for. There are a lot of different things that will move your website up in search results. Here are the big ones.

  • SEO technical setup for your website.
  • Getting visitors to your site
  • Keeping visitors attention once on a page
  • Adding stuff to your website to keep it relevant
  • Making sure your website loads fast and is easy to navigate
  • Having other websites (that google likes) link to your site

within each one of these are many ways to make progress. This makes the process pretty complex.

Without SEO your site is not in the game

Without SEO work, Google will look at your website and make assumptions about what your site is about. These assumptions will control what searches your website shows up in. The websites that show up number 1 thru 3 get almost all of the traffic.

So If I want to show up number one when someone is doing a Google search for “web design,” I need to have a web page that Google understands to be about that topic. Just participating usually gets you nothing. You need to show up at the top of a search result page, or you will blend into the background.

Showing up at the top of a result is important, but If I make it to the top for someone searching for “Web Design” will that get me new clients? Is someone typing in web design necessarily looking to hire a great developer like myself? They might be looking for information about a possible career or basic information to further their study.

I want to show up at the top of search results for a phrase that shows someone’s intent to hire, buy, learn from me, etc. I might want to work towards showing up in a search result that has a location attached to it, such as “Web Designer Salisbury Md” This search phrase is a little clearer intent to hire someone.

Trying to show up number one for the best web designer in Maryland is probably a waste of time because there are probably not a lot of potential clients using this language to find someone to do their site. Good SEO work is finding the best opportunities or the most searched phrase and then doing the work to show up at the top of the search page.

Deeper dive into important aspects

Technical SEO stuff that needs to be done to your website

So how do we make it clear to Google what search result you want to show up in? Many technical issues need to be taken care of before your website is in the game. The technical stuff has minimal effect on your placement, but your site will not be even considered without them.

Titles need to be carefully crafted, images need to be labeled correctly, code needs to added to identify important business information. It’s a ton of work.

Once your technical or on-page SEO is complete, google starts paying attention to how well your pages are received. Do they stay long enough to read the text? Do they click links that are on the page? Google tracks this and more and to determine if your site is worthy of showing up for a search phrase.

Content – Keeping visitors happy

You could think of it as a point system. If they take the time to read the content on your home page and click a few links on your pages you gain points. If your site is appreciated more than your competitors your site should appear closer to the top of a search result.

Keeping in mind that your website reputation points include the other factors included in this post. If you are not lagging in some important area to your competitor such as having a slow site it will not matter that visitors prefer reading and clicking around on your site more than the competition

A typical website visitor wants quick answers to what they are searching for. A good strategy would be to appeal to the different types of readers by starting with a solution or summary of what the page is about and then provide all the additional information or links someone might be interested in.

Great content connects with your audience. It must speak their language while being very easy for the user to use with a design that will leave them with an expectation of the quality of your service or product.

Holy Grail – Link building

Getting a site that Google respects to link to your site is really the only way to speed up the usually slow process of moving up in a search result. It’s like in life if someone you respect a lot recommends someone they automatically move to the top of the list of options to consider. The problem is any site with clout gets bombarded with requests for links. They are not just given out. Finding a way to contribute to the content of a respected site is the natural way of doing this. For adding useful information to a site you are in exchange for getting the site to link to yours. There are ways around this. Monthly SEO services have ways of getting these. links.

Links can have the fastest impact on getting your site moved up in search results. Linking outside of your site to a significant additional source can help with the bonus points you get for visitor interaction (just make sure the link opens in a new tab).


The page’s performance. If the page loads slow, people will leave quickly, which will indicate to Google that people do not like your site. If the page loads too slowly, Google will give you a double penalty.

Staying Active

Active community bonus. Google likes active sites. This can mean working on your website, posting to social media, or writing blogs. There is room here for extra points. You can get the new content bonus, the traffic bonus (getting visitors), and then what they see when they stay and hang out.