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What is Zelative

Zelative is a locational and remote web design/development, SEO and training company. Most of our work is completed in house by Chad Little and Sandra Audia. There are no middle people you will work directly with the designer and developer.

One of our main goals is to get you up and running with more than just a pretty website. We want you to have a site with a solid SEO set up and training that makes sense.

We will spy on your competition to see what is working for them. Local businesses are usually not using a lot of SEO to get their top spot in search result placement. We are able to see why they are number one and develop a strategy to move above them for the search phrases that will get you traffic. Effective strategies can include:

Maximizing Organic Search Results visibility
Content Marketing – Blogs, Vlogs, Podcast…
Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest…
Email Marketing – Using an email service like MailChimp or Constant Contact

What makes us unique

We offer a high level of quality in all the important areas that matter and care more about the quality of results than how quick it is to accomplish. You should have a site that you are proud to promote.

Some of our clients are very clear on the look and feel their site should have others are not comfortable making decisions. We know how to work with all levels of input to get the project done right.

We would also like to think of ourselves as good guides through the process. We have fun walking you through the process and will not assume you do not know the jargon. If you have not been a part of a modern website before there is more to it than designing and building a site. We group the essentials and include them in the cost of your site:

Setting up a hosting account
Transferring or setting up your email.
Mockups for approval
Building a site around SEO research

We will explain to you the additional marketing steps you can take to increase the success of your online business. It does not have to be overwhelming, often picking one is enough to convince google that you deserve a high ranking.

We care about the performance and final design of our work. Our projects are not done until the design has come together to meet your expectations and reflect the level of professionalism that’s typical in your industry. Give us a call and we can talk about a strategy that makes sense.


Sandra Audia

Hood College
The University of Maryland Baltimore, BFA
Savannah College of Art and Design, MFA

Sandra is the 2nd youngest of 7 and grew up on a small 7-acre farm in Western Howard County, helping her family with their small farming business when she was growing up. Surrounded by family, pets, plants and vegetables (my mother grew so much kale I never thought I would eventually love kale as I do today, oh the power of sea-salt and olive oil). She has always had a love of art and wanted to use it to help others in some way. She had great art teachers in school and decided to major in graphic design. She went to Hood College and finished up her degree at UMBC. After working for a while she decided to return to school to pursue her master’s degree at Savannah College of Art and Design and received her MFA in illustration, which gave her a more well-rounded understanding of color and design. Sandra has experience in all aspects of graphic design and has worked for a variety of design, publishing, marketing as well as non-profit and education. Sandra is a jack-of-all-trades and if she doesn’t know the answer she’ll take the time to figure it out or she’ll ask Chad who is an expert in all aspects that she is not.


Her greatest joy is her daughter, husband, kitties and other family.

Chad Little

University of Massachusetts Amherst/Lowell
Fine Art / Information Technology

Chad fell in love with photography and worked ten years in various positions in the industry. He had a technical interest in computers as well as photography and that pulled him in the direction of programming and development. “Spending years thinking about how to create the right mood in a photograph and then using the tools available after the photo is taken to enhance this feel is so beneficial in developing. We need to tell a story and using images is the fastest way to convey an idea and a vital part of an effective design strategy.”

The Zelative Story

Chad was a photographer and Sandra a designer (who hopes to at some point to be known for her creative flower inspired artwork). They met and married and eventually Chad immersed himself in the world of web development which is a nice accompaniment to his photographic background when you add in the web design element.

After a few years of focusing on programming Chad’s artistic interests crept back into his work when his work began to include all of the website processes. This was the beginning of ZEL design, a web design company.

ZEL is our daugher’s initials and Zelative is a play on relative. We began as ZEL design which focused on website design and it evolved into Zelative which encompasses Web Design and Development as well as elements that are relative to that including: SEO, print design and marketing materials, website training and tutorials.