About Us

Design with Strategy


To effectively manage your online business or presence, you need to be set up for success. This includes having the right tools that will make it enjoyable to run and manage. Knowing what content to write to get visits and having a website you are comfortable using.

All the choices we make are carefully chosen and thoroughly researched. Our priorities are making you happy and making a great-looking site with solid SEO.

We love SEO, but we like our SEO mixed with some design. We are not an SEO agency. We do not usually take new clients just for SEO. We prefer A holistic approach to the web design process that uses SEO for strategy and content development. This approach is more practical than working to improve the SEO after the design work.

About Our Team

They met 15 years ago. Sandra was a graphic designer in DC. Chad was a developer/photographer living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. They did not plan this super collaboration. It just formed over the years. Sandra is an artist in the true sense. The tools are not as essential but rather the results of creative expression. Chad is more drawn to strategy and researched solutions. Together they bring a diverse set of skills and experience. They work with local and national clients.

Sandra Audia

Graphic Designer / Art Director

Sandra has been a graphic designer for over 15 years. She has a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and an MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design.

She has worked professionally for design agencies, non-profits, and universities. She enjoys working with people to assist them in making their professional and creative design materials come to life.

She has transitioned into branding and website design but is always happy to jump back into print and publication design to help you with all of your print and digital design needs.

Chad Little

Developer / SEO

Chad Little is the founder of Zelative. Chad’s background is a mix of design and programming, and SEO. He began his career as a photographer and designer before returning to school for information technology, focusing on web development. For years he designed and developed WordPress sites while learning SEO he discovered his love for SEO and began incorporating it into all areas of the web design process. Chad loves to build impressive things – whether it’s an intricate deck in his backyard or an ambitious interior renovation. He follows these projects up with great design choices, ensuring that each one is truly unique. When he’s not working on home projects, Chad enjoys spending time with his family and taking photos.