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Wordpress with Divi

Tutorials & Training

Complete WordPress Business Solutions

We think your website should not just stand around looking pretty. It should be socializing, shaking its feathers to collect names for your email list while strutting around looking for the right audience that would be interested in knowing more about it.
What makes us unique is the importance we place on a design that you want to promote and also oozes with confidence to sway your visitors. We will be your friendly guides through the process of building your on-line presence. There are many ways to make your site do something. We will find the strategy that works for you.


Built with the goal of showing up number one in search results for the important services that you offer.


One-on-one training and custom videos showing you how to manage the content and maintenance of your WordPress site.

Jargon Free

Your guide to additional options to gain website traffic and convert visitors to customers.


One-on-one Training & Tutorials

We will make sure you are ready to take over when the site is complete.

One-on-one training, tutorials, and personalized videos demonstrating on your website will save you a lot of time and frustration.


Basic WordPress tutorials including how to backup your site, security, and content management.

Divi Theme

Content management and design tutorials using a WordPress page builder.

Photo & Video

Just the essentials to take and edit photos and videos.

Image Optimization

Retouching, sizing, enhancing photos for fast loading and great looking web images.